About Us


We believe that supporting a healthier environment is important to ensure the health of Earth's ecosystem as well as the lives of all the beautiful people and animals that live in it. With plastic production increasing all around the world, there has been a tremendous increase in harmful plastics and other materials floating in our Earth's many bodies of water and making their way into the mouths of animals. These harmful products:

- Trap and entangle both land and water animals

- Cause indigestion and loss of proper hunger levels, leading to animals starving to death

- Destroy animal's internal organs

- Ruin coral reefs

- Pollute our water systems and channels

- Harm animal's biology and decrease their life-span

- and so much more...

All of these harmful effects of plastic pollution can be prevented. And it starts with us human beings. We are the only creatures in the world with the power of producing plastics so we need to be the ones to make sure we clean them up and don't let them get into the paths of Earth's other inhabitants.

To help decrease plastic use and pollution, we need to resort to sustainable and reusable products that will help the environment rather than harming it. So that is why we created our store, Perdienn Kitchen. To provide you with alternatives to everyday household items that might end up in the trash, flying around in the air, and falling into Earth's many bodies of waters. 

Our goal is to make your life easier, specifically in the kitchen, while also making our Earth healthier and cleaner. Our message is clear: Support a healthier environment and a cleaner Earth by paying less for kitchen products that do more.

Save Earth's ecosystem by making the right decision and investing in eco-friendly products.

Thank you for shopping on our store. You are doing the Earth and all of its inhabitants, including you, a great service!


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